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Our contemporary leather sofas and furniture have been inspired by the latest trends in leather design. Thomas Lloyd is proud to produce cutting-edge style and always promises not to compromise on exceptional quality. This selection of modern, designer leather sofas will work well in a home which wants to stay modern but still looking to experience quality leather furniture handmade in Wales.

What is contemporary design?

Back when it first gained popularity in the 1970s, the contemporary design style encompassed a mixture of décor styles such as modernism, futurism and art deco. In its essence, contemporary design is based on what’s innovative and current, and it’s therefore constantly evolving. Dedicated to the reinterpretation of conventional home décor through a more linear fashion, contemporary design prompts us to invest more thought in house decoration.

One of the distinguishing features of the contemporary style is the exaggeration of simplicity in modern design, often represented through the creation of minimalistic interior décor stripped down to the bare necessities. Contemporary design is usually characterised by a cool one-colour palette embellished with bright accents and glass fixtures, all flowing in smooth lines and simple finishes to create a unique calm atmosphere.

What is the difference between contemporary and modern design styles?

Strictly speaking, ‘modern’ design is used to describe a very particular design style, whereas the term ‘contemporary’ is used much more broadly to include whatever is currently on-trend or fashionable. In this sense, contemporary sofa designs have more variation in interior styles as opposed to modern designs, which tend to follow a strict styling format.

Largely due to the fact that ‘contemporary’ and ‘modern’ are often used interchangeably to describe interior styles, the thin line between the two becomes blurred. The reason why contemporary and modern are often confused lies in the fact that the two styles have a number of similar traits – a generally neutral colour palette, clean, straight lines and industrial materials are amongst the shared features.

The reason the two share many similarities is due to the fact that modern and postmodern design are largely influenced by the contemporary style. Both contemporary and modern design styles steer away from ornate designs and heavy elements in favour of uncluttered spaces, clean lines and a combination of industrial and natural materials. Moreover, both modern and contemporary seating feature more exposed legs and slick surfaces.

However, while modern design favours stronger lines and is strictly rooted in a colour scheme of naturals and neutrals, contemporary style often shifts between the extremities of the colour scale and can feature curves.

What are the benefits of buying a modern leather sofa?

Perhaps one of the main benefits of choosing a modern leather sofa for your home is the fact that it simultaneously brings a modern vibe to space and works well with a variety of décor styles, thanks to its own exceptional versatility.

A contemporary leather sofa will also add an abundance of elegance and style to your living area. While leather was previously viewed a material exclusively available to the wealthy, due to its high price, this is no longer the case. In fact, there is a whole range of great value for money contemporary style leather sofas, which are accessible to everyone and are made to last for years to come.

Placing a Chesterfield sofa in a contemporary style living room also opens a wealth of interior decorating possibilities – you could choose to incorporate clean lined elements alongside it and combine them with a classic rug for a contemporary look which exudes character and sophistication, or go down a more experimental route of mixing strong artwork and bold accent colours in accessorising your Chesterfield.

Over recent years leather sofas have evolved to also include a wide variety of styles, from contemporary sofas with sleek lines and minimalist features to the timeless classic look of the Chesterfield, and a range of colours, from a lipstick red to creamy white to antique green. This makes for an added benefit when choosing a leather sofa for a contemporary living room since colour is one of the key elements of the contemporary style.

A cream or ivory leather sofa, for instance, will lend itself to contemporary minimalism and can be accessorised with colourful accessories – choose bold accent colours like lime green, purple, or turquoise to create a contemporary appearance for your living room. Brown leather sofas, on the other hand, bring an element of character and warmth to a living room and will help soften the more stark lines of a minimalistic contemporary design. A designer red leather sofa is another a great choice for a counterpoint to otherwise neutral décor.

How to create a contemporary design living room?

Since the living room tends to be the most visible room in a property, everyone makes it their priority to ensure it’s stylish and accommodating. A particularly popular choice for interior décor at the moment is the contemporary design style, due to the streamlined aesthetics it creates. However, there are a number of aspects to consider when creating a contemporary living room beyond style – such as practicality and comfort.

When it comes to choosing contemporary furniture, choosing a sofa design for a contemporary style living room is actually much easier than choosing one for a traditional setting. One winning approach is mixing classic furniture elements with theclean-cutt minimalistic surroundings typical for the contemporary style overall – consider incorporating a vintage Chesterfield sofa as a statement piece amongst the more trendier industrial style furniture, or balance out high ceilings and airy spaces with a high back Chesterfield accompanied by contemporary light fittings.  Alternatively, you could chose to create a uniform look throughout and stick with clean lines and smooth surfaces for your sofa – modern leather furniture offers a range of choices, from the more classically shaped Aspen leather sofas to the modern form Aspen or Henry ranges which are the embodiment of contemporary minimalism.

Since much of the beauty of contemporary design lies in its minimalist nature, neutral colour schemes are a superb choice. To allow accessories and furnishings to make more of a visual impact, opt for a colour scheme made up of neutral colours such as white, beige, brown and black.

While your base colour scheme should consist of neutral colours, bright accent colours and bold patterns will help to create an edgy contemporary look. For example, a white leather sofa with red accent pillows will create a striking visual effect. Geometric shapes consisting of straight lines and angular edged are also found frequently in contemporary style living rooms, both as patterns and in mirror and photo frames.

Chesterfield style sofas make for the perfect sophisticated centrepiece to any contemporary living room, and work just as well with traditional leather sofas, which makes them a truly timeless piece and a savvy investment!



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